Chelle Summer


Creating for Others

Michelle Rusk

I have gotten good at setting goals of different sizes. As a writer of book-length works, I know how challenging it is to keep writing without anything to show anyone, partly because I know the less I talk about my projects, the more likely I am to finish them. It's all in the story telling.

However, I have realized that cooking and baking for others is one way to quickly have something to share, whether it be through actually feeding people or sharing photos online. While I'm in the thick of writing (or seeking an agent for an already-written manuscript– or both), cooking and baking fulfill a need for me to share.

Whether I do it through a dinner party or pool party, or by making treats for Greg's girls soccer team, it allows me to enjoy making something– and the challenge of sometimes making something new– while also letting others enjoy it. And that takes off the sometimes frustration and/or depression that sets in when a writing project is taking a long time to share.

We might have one big goal we're working on but if we also ad smaller goals– that might not be directly related to the big goal but provide another outlet– we'll find we're happier. And happy to share.