Chelle Summer

I have had in my mind the life that I wanted to create for myself. After spending many years inspiring people through my writing and work in grief, I realized that I always had this other creative side of me that I hadn’t really shared. Chelle Summer is about the life I’ve dreamed off, sharing that with others, and helping people be inspired to live the lives they have always dreamed of.

The Idea

One of the most frustrating aspects Michelle finds about life is not finding exactly what she wants, whether it be in home furnishings or in clothes. She finally realized that she could create exactly what she wanted rather than settling for what someone else determines she should like. The first bucket bag was the combination of a bag she remembers her mom had for the times the Linn family went to the beach and the colors that came from Michelle’s first swimsuit. After she made one, people started to ask her if I was going to make more. With other people interested in not just the bucket bags but also the patterns and designs she liked, she created Chelle Summer as a way to share them with everyone.

Style & Quality

Michelle has always been inspired by retro style, from that of swimming movie star Esther Williams of the fifties to the sixties dresses Michelle’s mom wore and kept in the closet even though the time to wear them had passed by, to the clothes that Michelle’s Barbie dolls wore in the seventies.

For Michelle, it’s about taking the retro design that inspires her and mixing it with a quality product that will wear well and remain timeless.

While Chelle Summer currently sells bucket and tote bags, soon it will expand the line to include swimwear and clothing and eventually into Michelle’s own textile creations.

100% Handmade

All  fabric is selected by Michelle, usually from Los Angeles, particularly in the LA Fashion District where she and her husband Greg Rusk travel several times a year to choose fabrics and pick up other sewing supplies.

Currently, Michelle does all the sewing herself and Greg cuts the recycled corrugated plastic into the round bases and inserts the grommets.

Each item is made with the care as if Michelle would be using it herself.